Welcome to Blue Lilac

Welcome to Blue Lilac! So what are you in for? Let me tell you.

I’ve been writing professionally since I was 22-years-old when I wrote my first novel. Over the next few years this novel and two more were published and released.  Fast forward a solid minute and I returned to college for my public relations degree. I had determination to write. During this process I fell in love with the visual side of communications instead. This is when I pieced it all together. This is when I figured out why I love writing AND photography. It all tells a story. Every book. Every photo. Every poem. And every video. We’re listening to the stories of all of the existences around us in the same universal language. I’m in awe. This is when I pursued the idea of Blue Lilac and re-branded my existing Youtube channel while trying a start-up with photography (Jessie C Mac Photos). Now this is where I am. What is Blue Lilac, you ask? Here we talk lots about book and product reviews. We’ll also chat about my other form of storytelling through video and photography.

So join the creatives and readers, the photographers, dreamers, editors and doers who are a part the Blue Lilac family.

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And don’t forget to live YOUR story!